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Field Training for Third Year Sociology Special Degree Students – 2011

Prof. Ramanie Jayathilaka

Head, Department of Sociology




The field training for third year sociology special degree students was held at Hambanthota from 25th to 28th October 2011. The main objective of the field training program was to provide students a practical training on identification of a research problem, field preparation, data collection, data analysis and reporting. The area for investigation was the on-going development activities of Hambanthota and its impact on the surrounding rural areas. Four villages in the Hamabantota Divisional Secretary (DS) Division were selected for the field training. The students were grouped into four and each group was assigned to one village where they collected information on areas such as livelihood, infrastructure facilities, social relationship, social problems and urban impact on rural life with regard to the ongoing development process. The students gained practical experiences in using data collection techniques such as observation, questionnaire, in-depth interview and focus group discussion. Throughout the programme the students were supervised and guided by the staff members.