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The Marx / Engels Library Online

The collaboration of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels has been one of the most illustrative pairings in the history of sociology. Their contribution to what today is generally acknowledged as the ‘classical tradition of sociology’ is immense. Marxism and associated concept form part and parcel of the sociology curriculum in many universities offering qualifications in sociology. In our experience, it is indispensable for the aspiring sociologists to view the primary drafts of the works published by Marx and Engels. Concurrently, it is also relatively difficult to obtain easy access to much of these materials in physical libraries.

The URL: leads to the Marx/Engels library online; a veritable mine of information for students wishing to access Marx’s primary texts and materials. Moreover, the library itself provides many useful links to websites which contain more exclusive materials.

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Happy hunting!


Sit here, beside me. On this downy bank
The heather grows soft, star-sprinkled
With purple. Our Persian carpet.
Look close and you will see the ring
Where the fairies used to dance..
But that was long ago.
We will dip our bare feet in the cold,
Shimmering light, and try
To catch the sparkles. The silence will
Ripple; and the glimmering silver,
In slow, sleepy circles,
Casting the world in a trance.
Look how your soul has fallen, dark
Upon the heather. Merging
With mine..
The sunshine on your lips
Will taste of milk, tinged bitter
With buttercups and fresh green grass.
The willows are weeping, drooping
With sadness;
Quietly the river sighs,
Sorrowful and sweet.
Let me lay my head on your shoulder,
Drowsy-eyed, and listen to
The gurgling water, lapping
Up the lazy hours. Drink in
This rapture, your soul
Is sobbing out for peace.
Dearest, your eyes
Are liquid, like the night,
Flecked with colour, like crystals
Of water;
Dreamy and strange,
Overbrimming with sunshine..
Like my soul.    
Pawan Madri Kalugala


Spin me like the earth
As raindrops come splashing,
Lashing and thrashing my soft-sodden skin,
Spin me drunkenly, out, then in.
From the sky to the ground, a curtain of sound;
And you and me within..
The sodden earth churns into muddy soft batter
We’re lost in the rain, and nothing else matters;
Spin me drunkenly,
Out, then in.
Your skin smells of earth, of red dust new-drenched
With the first drops of rain, new-washed
Like the watery sky
Your hair dripping silver in small
Transparent sparkles,
The sun is the light in your eyes.
My skin is like paper.
Soon I will turn into soggy soft pulp
And melt into nothingness in thick
Gooey orange batter.
So sway me, one last time, before
I slip from your grasp and become
One with this earth, this cleansing rain,
This vast bowl of sky the colour of
Sadness; and sink in a sea of warm
Chocolate mud
A tiny paper boat, lone, sodden

Pawan Madri Kalugala


Lay me bare. Strip me of my leaves, green innocence,
As I struggle to grow, to breathe in this pain,
Eat at my heart!- my disease. My pestilence. 
Wet hard bones, brown and cold- do I tempt you again?
Naked, glistening, arms outstretched to an unseeing sky.
You whore. Cleanse me, then! -your insanity keeps me sane
Through your strange sadistic pleasures. I do not cry
Beat me livid till I’m numb, whiplashes on my face
My veins turn black but I do not bleed. Frozen like my soul, my
Yellow blood has hardened- and my skin cracks in place,
Peels in stiff brown pieces, but I do not bleed. Your hate in slivers
Slice through me, cutting me clean. I sway, breathless, in a daze
Of searing pain. And you flow through me in rivers,
In torrents, floods, glorious inundation of self-hate, quivering
In my wearied pores, creeping into my roots- O Life-giver! 
In the amber light after your storm I stand shivering
under a gray sky, swollen with your soul.
But I grow from you.
I grow from you.
and, beaten, 
ravished by your hate,
I break into flower
with flourish.

Pawan Madri Kalugala


I will dance to remember; I will dance
To forget.
I will let the moonlight dry my tears
With its fiery heat; I will let the trembling night
Lay its head upon my breast
And weep.
I will let the lark of silver wing rest, here, upon my arm,
I will let the stinging wind be bold and reckless
In its charms.
I will let the icy rain fall down and pierce
The sullen night; I will let the distant past embrace
Without its painful fight.
I will let the sultry silence hold me
Close in poignant sorrow; I will let the ghosts of Love
Come near, and haunt
The undawned morrow.
I will let the shadows touch; and their velvet black entrance,
I will let Pain, the hungry lover, bring to Life its bitter romance,
I will let my soul be carried free, with Passion’s fiery glance,
And to dwell within the wistful past,
This lonesome night,
I will dance.

Pawan Madri Kalugala