I will dance to remember; I will dance
To forget.
I will let the moonlight dry my tears
With its fiery heat; I will let the trembling night
Lay its head upon my breast
And weep.
I will let the lark of silver wing rest, here, upon my arm,
I will let the stinging wind be bold and reckless
In its charms.
I will let the icy rain fall down and pierce
The sullen night; I will let the distant past embrace
Without its painful fight.
I will let the sultry silence hold me
Close in poignant sorrow; I will let the ghosts of Love
Come near, and haunt
The undawned morrow.
I will let the shadows touch; and their velvet black entrance,
I will let Pain, the hungry lover, bring to Life its bitter romance,
I will let my soul be carried free, with Passion’s fiery glance,
And to dwell within the wistful past,
This lonesome night,
I will dance.

Pawan Madri Kalugala

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