Spin me like the earth
As raindrops come splashing,
Lashing and thrashing my soft-sodden skin,
Spin me drunkenly, out, then in.
From the sky to the ground, a curtain of sound;
And you and me within..
The sodden earth churns into muddy soft batter
We’re lost in the rain, and nothing else matters;
Spin me drunkenly,
Out, then in.
Your skin smells of earth, of red dust new-drenched
With the first drops of rain, new-washed
Like the watery sky
Your hair dripping silver in small
Transparent sparkles,
The sun is the light in your eyes.
My skin is like paper.
Soon I will turn into soggy soft pulp
And melt into nothingness in thick
Gooey orange batter.
So sway me, one last time, before
I slip from your grasp and become
One with this earth, this cleansing rain,
This vast bowl of sky the colour of
Sadness; and sink in a sea of warm
Chocolate mud
A tiny paper boat, lone, sodden

Pawan Madri Kalugala
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