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The primeval forest

Does seem to loom

Above this little brook.

The cool brook

Where age old rocks

Stand as if sculpted by nature.

And these fluttering butterflies-

are they heading towards

Adam’s Peak?

But …

The cool water

The breezes that give goosebumps

All these fade to a headache

of a sudden

For above the forest

Loom the transistors:

Like huge iron monsters that

Ate a child’s Christmas up.


Yomal Senerath Yapa (University of Kelaniya)


What desserts me

Is my gender

You are a boy

While she is a girl

But I am more floue,


My gender floating

Like round specks of uncollectable

Light inside my body.

Some say I can collect them

And make up a façade

Through needles and forceps

In skilled hands.

But I am left non-plussed.


Yomal Senerath Yapa (University of Kelaniya)

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