Fortunately or unfortunately we are in a world where almost everyone is running after achieving ‘big’ and ‘great’ things. From the day a child is born to this world he is instructed and guided by his parents and elders to become a ‘big’ man one day. ‘Big’ here emphasizes the fact that one must be rich and one must get a good income and a renowned profession.

Indeed it is good to have expectations and aims in life. But instead of being big in your dreams at once, isn’t it good to think about ‘small’ things first? We always purposely or not, try to forget and neglect small and less important things in our lives as we always concentrate on big things which we can’t afford at times. Beauty of life depends on the quality and not on quantity of anything we do. A person can be happy by helping and comforting his friends or relations who are miserable, even with a few words. These must come from the very core of your heart naturally. Few words can do no harm to your wealth. But the happiness that both parties get cannot be explained and this adds beauty to life.

Undoubtedly, being ‘big’ in life means, being more and more sophisticated, complex and affected. But amazingly being small gives the idea of simplicity, contentment and the epitome of satisfaction in many ways. In addition one may misunderstand that small is ‘a bit’ in everything which is not true at all.

So why not be small and simple in life for a change?

 Dileesha Liyanage

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