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SOCIOSCOPE: Expanding Horizons

As of 2012, the socioscope blog seeks to invite the collaboration of students and academic professional from other universities as well. Selected articles will be published under the newly formed ‘guest’ category. The editors for the Sociology Students Association retains the unqualified right to decide on the work that will be published. If amendments are required to be made for any selected piece of writing, the editors will contact the author and discuss the feasibility of the amendments. Please refer to the ‘about’ pages on how to contact the blog management.

The Marx / Engels Library Online

The collaboration of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels has been one of the most illustrative pairings in the history of sociology. Their contribution to what today is generally acknowledged as the ‘classical tradition of sociology’ is immense. Marxism and associated concept form part and parcel of the sociology curriculum in many universities offering qualifications in sociology. In our experience, it is indispensable for the aspiring sociologists to view the primary drafts of the works published by Marx and Engels. Concurrently, it is also relatively difficult to obtain easy access to much of these materials in physical libraries.

The URL: leads to the Marx/Engels library online; a veritable mine of information for students wishing to access Marx’s primary texts and materials. Moreover, the library itself provides many useful links to websites which contain more exclusive materials.

Keep tuned to SOCIOSCOPE for similar updates in the recent future!

Happy hunting!


The socioscope blog, created by the University of Colombo Sociology Students Association, is a place where undergraduates and academic professionals get their sociologically relevant ideas across. Since the scope of sociology is far-reaching and extensive, our posts are based on thoughts and observations on just about anything.

Apart from satisfying the urge to voice our thoughts, we attempt to introduce those from non-sociological backgrounds to some of the areas which sociologists find interesting and intriguing. Plus, from time to time,the blog would include updates on the latest activities of the University of Colombo Sociology Students Association.

The socioscope blog does not follow hard and fast rules of academic writing. We try to keep things simple and easy to understand. Our posts are bilingual (Sinhala and English) and are published in the form of articles, poems, photographs etc.

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